In this Report, we presented a broad review of online music in Asia and highlighted several of the current trends and developments, from both business and legal standpoints. The region is a complex mosaic. Individual countries share similarities, but also differences—at times small and at others big—with respect to technological infrastructure and Internet penetration, existing platforms and business models, and legal developments related to online music. 

As noted in several industry reports, Asia is one of the fastest growing markets worldwide for online music. This growth is destined to accelerate in the near future. The next several years will witness progress and changes. As online music continues to develop in the region, its laws will need to keep pace. A country-by-country analysis in this area, not only the large countries but also smaller economies and LDCs, may be necessary to fully map the impact of online music across this vast and diverse region. 

At the 41st session of WIPO General Assembly, the Committee welcomed video presentations on “Report on the Online Music Market and Main Business Models in Asia:  Overview and General Trends” by Ms. Irene Calboli and Mr. George Hwang.